Guide: How to stake XTZ

  • Tez stored on a local wallet. You control the seed/private keys.
  • Any amount of tez will work, but check if your baker has a minimum delegation amount requirement. For example, some bakers require at least 10 tez to be delegated.

Use the following sites to do your research.
Baking Bad - Tezos delegation auditor

Galleon wallet will be the quickest way to stake and it's safe because your coins never leave your wallet.
For this example, we will use Galleon wallet and delegate with a Ledger Nano S.
  1. 1.
    Plug in Ledger Nano S to a USB port, type the PIN code, open the Tezos Wallet app.
  2. 2.
    Open Galleon wallet.
3. Click on Connect with Ledger button.
4. On the Ledger Nano device, press the
button to provide public key.
5. Click Delegate tab
7. Paste your baker's public address in the "Change Delegate to New Address" field
Your baker's public address will look something like this.
Copy and paste it. Do not type.
8. Click Change Delegate button
9. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger
Congratulations. Your first rewards should start arrive in about 36 days and then every 3 days after. You will be able to see your rewards on the Transactions tab.

Wondering if your baker is doing a good job and when you will be getting your rewards? Use the auditor at Simply search for your tez delegator public address.
Baking Bad - Tezos delegation auditor
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1. Prerequisites
2. Download and use a compatible wallet
3. Find a baker
4. Delegate your stake
5. Monitoring your rewards