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For more information and official documentation, please refer to the following links:
Getting started with the Cardano testnet
GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-tutorials: ARCHIVED-This content in this repository is now located at https://docs.cardano.org/projects/cardano-node/
GitHub - cardano-community/guild-operators: Artifacts and scripts created by Guild operators
GitHub - gitmachtl/scripts: StakePool Operator Scripts. Learn how to create and manage your StakePool with these simple scripts. Hardware-Ledger Support, Token/Asset Sending, Offline-Mode and more...

Many pool operators have asked about how to deploy a stake pool with CNTools. See the official guide

Did you build something new based on this guide? Let us know with a PR or open issue on github.
Here's a collection of some amazing community projects.
SPO Grafana Tutorial
SNSKY - Summer Night SKY Pool
SPO JAPAN GUILD DOCS - カルダノステークプール構築ガイド
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