Obtaining a PoolTool API Key

You can display the following data for your stake pool on PoolTool:

  • Current block height

  • The number of slots in which your stake pool is currently elected to mint blocks

To submit data for your stake pool to PoolTool, you need an API key.

To get your PoolTool API key:

  1. In your Web browser, navigate to PoolTool.io

  2. In the Search field, type your stake pool name or ticker.

  3. In the search results, click the Pool Details button in the Actions column next to your stake pool.

  4. On the Pool Details page, click the Address Details button next to the Reward Account or Owner Accounts addresses.

  5. On the Address Detail page, click the Claim Address button next to the Bech32 address for your stake pool.

  6. In the Claim Address dialog, click the Claim Address button, then type a secure password for your PoolTool account in the Password field, and then click Claim Address

  7. Send exactly the amount of ADA requested in the Cardano PoolTool dialog from a payment address for the same wallet as the stake address that you want to claim to the requested address.

  8. When the transaction you submitted in step 7 is confirmed, click Sign In on the Cardano PoolTool dialog.

  9. After signing in, click Profile in the left navigation.

  10. To get your API key, click the Copy button next to the API Key field, and then paste the API key as needed.

For more details on using your PoolTool API key, see the section Integrating with PoolTool

If your API key fails to connect with PoolTool, then open a new issue on GitHub.

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