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Guide Version 1 | How to setup a validator for Ethereum staking on testnet GOERLI

Become a validator and help secure Ethereum, a proof-of-stake blockchain. Anyone with 32 ETH can join.


As of July 4 2023, this is the V1 GOERLI guide written for post-🦉Shapella🦉
Archived here, this guide is for historical reference purposes.
New staking setups should follow the V2 guides.
Always test and practice on testnet first. Mainnet guide available here.

Your Github Contributions Welcome

This guide is fully open source and fully powered by home-stakers like you.
Pull requests or issues can be submitted on github:

Installation Overview

Installation is a 5 step process. From start to finish, time to complete these steps can take up to a few hours. Fully syncing the node can take a day.
Rest assured, as you become more familiar and more comfortable by practicing on testnet, you are now proudly on the path towards the gold standard of ETH solo-staking.
  • Step 1: Prerequisites
  • Step 2: Configuring Node
  • Step 3: Setting up Validator Keys
  • Step 4: Installing execution client
  • Step 5: Installing consensus client

Built by home-stakers for home-stakers.