Guide Version 1 | How to setup a validator for Ethereum staking on testnet GOERLI

Become a validator and help secure Ethereum, a proof-of-stake blockchain. Anyone with 32 ETH can join.

πŸ†• Announcements

As of July 4 2023, this is the V1 GOERLI guide written for post-πŸ¦‰ShapellaπŸ¦‰

Archived here, this guide is for historical reference purposes.

New staking setups should follow the V2 guides.

Always test and practice on testnet first. Mainnet guide available here.

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This guide is fully open source and fully powered by home-stakers like you.

Pull requests or issues can be submitted on github:

⭐ Installation Overview

Installation is a 5 step process. From start to finish, time to complete these steps can take up to a few hours. Fully syncing the node can take a day.

Rest assured, as you become more familiar and more comfortable by practicing on testnet, you are now proudly on the path towards the gold standard of ETH solo-staking.

  • Step 1: Prerequisites

  • Step 2: Configuring Node

  • Step 3: Setting up Validator Keys

  • Step 4: Installing execution client

  • Step 5: Installing consensus client

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