Guide | How to setup a validator for Ethereum staking on mainnet
Become a validator, start staking and help secure Ethereum, a proof-of-stake blockchain. Anyone with 32 ETH can join.


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As of October 1 2022, this is guide version 5.1.1 and written for Ethereum mainnet
Always test and practice on testnet first. See GOERLI testnet guide.

About This Guide

The How to Setup a Validator for Ethereum Staking guide aims to give you complete, step-by-step instructions to implement and maintain a secure Ethereum Staking Node using the currently recommended software versions.
The guide includes the following parts:
  • Part I - Installation describes how to sign up to be a validator at the ETH Launchpad, how to secure the Linux computer hosting your ETH staking node, as well as how to install execution and consensus client software and other helpful software packages such as time synching and monitoring tools.
  • Part II - Maintenance explains ongoing tasks you'll require to keep your ETH staking node in great shape and up-to-date.
  • Part III - Tips contains additional procedures to simplify managing your ETH staking node.

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