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🎉 Congrats! You've finished the primary steps of setting up your validator. You're now an Ethereum staker!

⏭️ FAQ

Wen staking rewards?

Activation Queue: Once your EL+CL is synced, validator up and running, you just wait for activation. This process can take 24+ hours. Only 900 new validators can join per day. Check the queue length:

Activated: When you're activated, your validator will begin creating and voting on blocks while earning staking rewards.

Quick monitoring: Use to create alerts and track your validator's performance.

Sync Timeline

Syncing the consensus client is instantaneous with checkpoint sync but the execution client can take up to a day. On nodes with fast NVME drives and gigabit internet, expect your node to be fully synced in a few hours.

How do I know I'm fully synced?

  • Check your execution client's logs and compare the block number against the most recent block on

    • Check EL logs: journalctl -fu execution

  • Thanks to checkpoint sync, your consensus client's is instantly synched. You can compare the slot number against the most recent slot on

    • Check CL logs: journalctl -fu consensus

💊Install EthPillar: a simple companion UI for node management! Command line use is greatly reduced. Update your software with a keystroke.

  • 🗞️Subscribe to your Execution Client and Consensus Client's Github repository: Be notified of new releases. Find the Github links on each EL/CL's Overview section. At your EL or CL's github page while logged in, click the Watch button > Custom > click the checkbox for "Release".

  • 😄Join Community: Join the community on Discord and Reddit to discuss all things staking related.

  • 🛠️Node Maintenance: Familiarize yourself with Part II - Maintenance section, as you'll need to keep your staking node running at its best.

  • 📚Study EthStaker Knowledge Base: Increase your staking understanding

  • 💿Backups: Review your staking validator backups!

  • 🤞Finished testing? Before decommissioning your validator, it's good practice to properly exit your validator as this improves staking network health.

🏁 Optional Steps

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