Downloading Configuration Files

Running Cardano Node requires multiple configuration files. You must download the configuration files on each computer hosting an instance of Cardano Node for your stake pool.

To download Cardano Node configuration files:

  1. On the computer hosting your block-producing node, using a Web browser navigate to the Cardano Node GitHub repository, then browse to the latest release, then click to expand the Downloads dropdown list in the Technical Specification section of the release notes, and then click the Configuration Files link.

  2. On the Environments page, click Production (Mainnet), and then click the following links: Node Config, Node Topology (Legacy non-p2p), Byron Genesis, Shelley Genesis, Alonzo Genesis and Conway Genesis. Save all configuration files using the default file names in the folder that you set for the $NODE_HOME environment variable.

You set the NODE_HOME environment variable and created the corresponding folder when Installing GHC and Cabal.

  1. On each computer hosting a relay node for your stake pool, repeat steps 1 to 2

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