Verifying an ITN Stake Pool

In order to defend against spoofing and hijacking of reputable stake pools, a owner can verify their ticker by proving ownership of an ITN stake pool.

Incentivized Testnet phase of Cardano’s Shelley era ran from late November 2019 to late June 2020. If you participated, you can verify your ticker.

Make sure the ITN's jcli binaries are present in $NODE_HOME. Use jcli to sign your stake pool id with your itn_owner.skey

./jcli key sign --secret-key itn_owner.skey stakepoolid.txt --output stakepoolid.sig

Visit and enter your owner public key and pool id witness data in the metadata section.

Find your pool id witness with the following command.

cat stakepoolid.sig

Find your owner public key in the file you generated on ITN. This data might be stored in a file ending in .pub

Finally, update your stake pool information with the PoolTool-generated metadata-url and metadata-hash. Notice the metadata has an "extended" field that proves your ticker ownership since ITN.

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