Voluntary Exiting a Validator

Remove a validator from staking duties.

⏭️ Voluntary Exit Timeline Visualized

👏 Purpose

Use the Voluntary Exit command to signal your intentions to permanently stop your duties as a validator.

  • Timeline: Voluntary exiting is possible after your validator is actively validating. If there is no exit queue, the exit process requires at least 4 epochs, or 26 minutes. After your validator is "exited", and proceeds through the "withdrawal delay" phase and "withdrawal processing" phase, your ETH is automatically swept back to your withdrawal address.

  • Consequences: Once a validator is in exited state, it's non-reversible. You would need to re-key, or generate new validator keys to start staking again.

  • ETH Deposit: In order to re-claim your 32ETH validator deposit and perform a full withdrawal, you must have previously set a Withdrawal Address. If not yet set, see here: 0x01 withdrawal address.

  • Responsibilities: After your validator leaves the exit queue and is truly exited, it is safe to turn off your execution client, consensus client and validator.

Reference: https://liquidcollective.io/eth-activations-and-exits/

💻 How-to initiate a voluntary exit

sudo lighthouse account validator exit \
--keystore /var/lib/lighthouse/validators/<0x validator>/<keystore.json file> \
--beacon-node http://localhost:5052 \
--network mainnet


sudo lighthouse account validator exit \
--keystore /var/lib/lighthouse/validators/0x838f024753064e90fd8fa183400af82dd2103df885/keystore-m_12311_12-112312.json \
--beacon-node http://localhost:5052 \
--network mainnet

Troubleshooting: To perform a voluntary exit, make sure your consensus client (aka beacon node) is running with REST-API enabled.

Official reference documentation from each team can be found below:

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