Fixing the Mnemonic Staking Balance Bug

🛑 Who Is Affected?

If you created your payment and stake keys using the mnemonic method in Daedalus 2.0 before July 30, 2020, then you may be affected by the bug.

Run the following to see if you're affected

wc -m payment.addr

If this returns 59 payment.addr, then continue reading. If this returns 104 payment.addr, you are not affected!

🛠️ What Is the Problem?

  • The balance towards your stake is not being counted because the script's default, payment.addr, is also known as the enterprise address.

  • By design, enterprise address balances are not counted as stake.

  • The public address found in base.addr should have been funded. In other words, base.addr should have been the real payment.addr.

🤖 Verifying That the Problem Exists

Check your stake balance by running the following query to find all your stake pool's delegators.

pool_id=$(cat stakepoolid.txt)
timeout -k 5 60 cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state ${NETWORK_IDENTIFIER} --out-file ledger-state.json
echo "Ledger state dumped, parsing data..."
non_myopic_delegators=$(jq -r -c ".esNonMyopic.snapNM._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" ledger-state.json)
snapshot_delegators=$(jq -r -c ".esSnapshots._pstakeSet._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" ledger-state.json)
lstate=$(jq -r -c ".esLState" ledger-state.json)
lstate_dstate=$(jq -r -c "._delegationState._dstate" <<< "${lstate}")
ledger_pool_state=$(jq -r -c '._delegationState._pstate._pParams."'"${pool_id}"'" // empty' <<< "${lstate}")
lstate_rewards=$(jq -r -c "._rewards" <<< "${lstate_dstate}")
lstate_utxo=$(jq -r -c "._utxoState._utxo" <<< "${lstate}")
lstate_delegators=$(jq -r -c "._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" <<< "${lstate_dstate}")
delegators=$(echo "${non_myopic_delegators}" "${snapshot_delegators}" "${lstate_delegators}" | tr ' ' '\n' | sort -u)
echo "$(wc -w <<< "${delegators}") delegators found, gathering data for each:"
pledge="$(jq -c -r '.pledge // 0' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}" | tr '\n' ' ')"
owners="$(jq -c -r '.owners[] // empty' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}" | tr '\n' ' ')"
owner_nbr=$(jq -r '(.owners | length) // 0' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}")
for key in ${delegators}; do
    stake=$(jq -r -c ".[] | select(.address | contains(\"${key}\")) | .amount" <<< "${lstate_utxo}" | awk 'BEGIN{total = 0} {total = total + $1} END{printf "%.0f", total}')
    rewards=$(jq -r -c ".[] | select(.[0][\"key hash\"] == \"${key}\") | .[1]" <<< "${lstate_rewards}")
    total_stake=$((total_stake + stake + reward))
    echo "Delegator $((++delegator_nbr)) processed"
    if echo "${owners}" | grep -q "${key}"; then
      key="${key} (owner)"
      total_pledged=$((total_pledged + stake + reward))
  delegators_array+=( "hex_key" "${key}" "stake" "${stake}" "rewards" "${rewards})" )
echo total_stake $total_stake
echo total_pledged $total_pledged
echo delegator_nbr $delegator_nbr

printf '{"%s":"%s","%s":"%s","%s":"%s"},\n' "${delegators_array[@]}" | sed '$s/,$//'

If you see stake is 0 for the owner, then the issue exists.

Example output:

{"hex_key":"70f2... (owner)","stake":"0","rewards":"0)"},

🧩 Fixing the Problem

1) Find your base.addr public address.

cat $NODE_HOME/extractedPoolKeys/base.addr

2) Open Daedalus wallet which is where your mnemonic was originally created from.

3) Send a small test amount to the base.addr public address.

4) Re-run the above query to check your delegator's balances. Your owner's stake balance should have increased.

5) Send the remaining balance to base.addr public address.

6) Re-run the above query to verify your stake is correctly counted.

7) Replace the old payment.addr with base.addr

cp extractedPoolKeys/base.addr payment.addr

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