Step 4: Installing consensus client

Pick a consensus client

Consensus Client Diversity: To strengthen Ethereum's resilience against potential attacks or consensus bugs, it's best practice to run a minority client in order to increase client diversity. Find the latest distribution of consensus clients here:

Only one consensus client is required per node.

Select your desired consensus client for further instructions.

Lighthouse is an Ethereum client with a heavy focus on speed and security. Lighthouse is built in Rust.

Lodestar is a Typescript implementation by the team. The Lodestar team is leading the Ethereum space in light client research.

Teku is a Java-based Ethereum client designed & built to meet institutional needs and security requirements.

Nimbus is designed to perform well on embedded systems and personal mobile devices. Written in Nim, a language with Python-like syntax that compiles to C.

Prysm is a Go implementation with a focus on usability, security, and reliability.

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