Monitoring with Uptime Check by Google Cloud

Who watches the watcher? With an external 3rd party tool like Uptime Check, you can have greater reassurance your validator is functioning in case of disasters such as power failure, hardware failure or internet outage. In these scenarios, the previously mentioned monitoring by Prometheus and Grafana would likely cease to function as well.

Credits to Mohamed Mansour for inspiring this how-to guide.

Here's how to setup a no-cost monitoring service called Uptime Check by Google.

For a video demo, watch MohamedMansour's eth2 education videos. Please support his GITCOIN grant. 🙏

  1. Search for Monitoring in the search field.

  2. Click Select a Project to Start Monitoring.

  3. Click New Project.

  4. Name your project and click Create.

  5. From the notifications menu, select your new project.

  6. On the right column, there's a Monitoring Card. Click Go to Monitoring.

  7. On the left menu, click Uptime checks and then CREATE UPTIME CHECK.

  8. Type in a title i.e. Geth node

  9. Select protocol as TCP

  10. Enter your public IP address and port number. i.e. ip= and port=30303

  11. Select your desired frequency to check i.e. 5 minutes.

  12. Choose the region closest to you to check from. Click Next.

  13. Create a Notification Channel. Click Manage Notification Channels.

  14. Choose your desired settings. Pick from any or all of Slack, Webhook, Email or SMS.

  15. Go back to Create Uptime Check window.

  16. Within the notifications field, click the refresh button to load your new notification channels.

  17. Select desired notifications.

  18. Click TEST to verify your notifications are setup correctly.

  19. Click CREATE to finish.

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