Submitting a Simple Transaction

Let's walk through an example to send 10 ADA to CoinCashew's tip address
The minimum amount, or smallest UTXO, you can send in one transaction is 1 ADA.
First, find the tip of the blockchain to set the invalid-hereafter parameter properly.
block producer node
currentSlot=$(cardano-cli query tip --mainnet | jq -r '.slot')
echo Current Slot: $currentSlot
Set the amount to send in lovelaces.
Remember 1 ADA = 1,000,000 lovelaces.
block producer node
echo amountToSend: $amountToSend
Set the destination address which is where you're sending funds to.
block producer node
echo destinationAddress: $destinationAddress
Find your balance and UTXOs.
block producer node
cardano-cli query utxo \
--address $(cat payment.addr) \
--mainnet > fullUtxo.out
tail -n +3 fullUtxo.out | sort -k3 -nr > balance.out
cat balance.out
while read -r utxo; do
type=$(awk '{ print $6 }' <<< "${utxo}")
if [[ ${type} == 'TxOutDatumNone' ]]
in_addr=$(awk '{ print $1 }' <<< "${utxo}")
idx=$(awk '{ print $2 }' <<< "${utxo}")
utxo_balance=$(awk '{ print $3 }' <<< "${utxo}")
echo TxHash: ${in_addr}#${idx}
echo ADA: ${utxo_balance}
tx_in="${tx_in} --tx-in ${in_addr}#${idx}"
done < balance.out
txcnt=$(cat balance.out | wc -l)
echo Total available ADA balance: ${total_balance}
echo Number of UTXOs: ${txcnt}
Run the build-raw transaction command.
block producer node
cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
${tx_in} \
--tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+0 \
--tx-out ${destinationAddress}+0 \
--invalid-hereafter $(( ${currentSlot} + 10000)) \
--fee 0 \
--out-file tx.tmp
Calculate the current minimum fee:
block producer node
fee=$(cardano-cli transaction calculate-min-fee \
--tx-body-file tx.tmp \
--tx-in-count ${txcnt} \
--tx-out-count 2 \
--mainnet \
--witness-count 1 \
--byron-witness-count 0 \
--protocol-params-file params.json | awk '{ print $1 }')
echo fee: $fee
Calculate your change output.
block producer node
echo Change Output: ${txOut}
Build your transaction.
block producer node
cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
${tx_in} \
--tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+${txOut} \
--tx-out ${destinationAddress}+${amountToSend} \
--invalid-hereafter $(( ${currentSlot} + 10000)) \
--fee ${fee} \
--out-file tx.raw
Copy tx.raw to your cold environment.
Sign the transaction with the payment secret key.
air-gapped offline machine
cardano-cli transaction sign \
--tx-body-file tx.raw \
--signing-key-file payment.skey \
--mainnet \
--out-file tx.signed
Copy tx.signed to your hot environment.
Send the signed transaction.
block producer node
cardano-cli transaction submit \
--tx-file tx.signed \
Check if the funds arrived.
block producer node
cardano-cli query utxo \
--address ${destinationAddress} \
You should see output similar to this showing the funds you sent.
TxHash TxIx Lovelace
100322a39d02c2ead.... 0 10000000