Dealing with Storage Issues on the Execution Client

It is currently recommended to use a minimum 1TB hard disk.

Kudos to angyts for this contribution.

After running the execution client for a while, you will notice that it will start to fill up the hard disk. The following steps might be helpful for you.

Since Geth 1.10x version, the blockchain data can be regularly pruned to reduce it's size.


You will need to upgrade Geth to at least 1.10x. Other prerequisites are a fully synced execution engine and that a snapshot has been created.

Stop your execution engine

sudo systemctl stop execution

Prune the blockchain data

sudo -u execution geth --datadir /var/lib/geth snapshot prune-state
  • Pruning can take a few hours or longer (typically 2 to 10 hours is common) depending on your node's disk performance.

  • There are three stages to pruning: iterating state snapshot, pruning state data and compacting database.

  • "Compacting database" will stop updating status and appear hung. Do not interrupt or restart this process. Typically after an hour, pruning status messages will reappear.

Restart execution engine

sudo systemctl start execution

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