Step 3: Installing execution client

Pick an execution client

Your choice of either Geth, Besu, Nethermind, or Erigon.

Only one execution client is required per node.

Execution Client Diversity - To strengthen Ethereum's resilience against potential attacks or consensus bugs, it's best practice to run a minority client in order to increase client diversity. Find the latest distribution of execution clients here:

🛡️ Recommendation 🛡️: Nethermind

Reminder: Ensure you are logged in and execute all steps in this guide as non-root user, ethereum ,created during Step 2: Configuring Node.

Nethermind is built on .NET core. Nethermind makes integration with existing infrastructures simple, without losing sight of stability, reliability, data integrity, and security.


Hyperledger Besu is written in Java and is anopen-source Ethereum client designed for demanding enterprise applications requiring secure, high-performance transaction processing.


Geth - Go-ethereum (aka Geth) is an Ethereum client built in Go. It is one of the original and most popular Ethereum clients.


Erigon is an implementation of Ethereum innovating on the efficiency frontier, written in Go.


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