KES Key Rotation / Operational Certificate Companion Script

This guide was graciously contributed by [FRADA] ADA Made in France. If you find this guide useful, please consider staking to it (FRADA ticker).🙏

Every Cardano Pool Operator has to generate a new KES key pair and Operational Certificate every 90 days. A full guide is available here. In order to help Pool Operators during the process, a Companion Script is available in addition to the guide linked above.

What the Companion Script does

  • Checks KES period and counter on chain

  • Reminds user about the good practice and counter cases

  • Asks user if he wants to backup current KES keys and NODE cert

  • Asks user if he wants to rotate KES keys

  • Calculates Starting KES Period

  • Provides next-steps to generate new OP cert on air-gapped machine

How to use Companion Script

Download the Script

The script can be found on this GitHub repository by [FRADA] ADA Made In France

cd $HOME/git
git clone

Make script executable

cd $HOME/git/Cardano-KES-Rotate-Companion/
chmod +x

Run the script

sudo -E ./

1. Script will ask if you want to backup current KES Keys and OP certificate

If you answer yes :

  • 3 files kes.vkey.bak, kes.skey.bak and node.cert.bak will be created in your $NODE_HOME directory

  • Previous backup will be deleted

If you answer no :

  • No backup will be created

2. Script will ask if you want to generate a new KES key pair

If you answer yes :

  • 2 files will be created : kes.skey and kes.key. Those are your new KES key pair

If you answer no :

  • No new KES key pair will be generated and the script will stop

3. Script will calculate for your the KES starting period

4. Script will then provide you with the next steps and the cardano-cli command to execute on your Air-Gapped machine

  • The command includes the KES starting period you need to use.

Example of Script Output

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