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9. Tips, Tricks and Other Commands

Backup your keys

If you ever have to restore your account or baker, you will need these files. Make copies to another data device.
  • ~/.tezos-node/identity.json
  • ~/.tezos-client/public_key_hashs
  • ~/.tezos-client/public_key
  • ~/.tezos-client/secret_keys

Important Locations

These files and folders are useful for backups and restores.
  • ~/tezos (contains your binaries)
  • ~/.tezos-client
    • public_key_hashs
    • public_keys
    • secret_keys
  • ~/.tezos-node
    • identity.json (this is your node's identity)
    • context (this is the blockchain data)

Push Alerts for your Baker

Rapidly get notified if something goes wrong.

Make your Vote

Participate in the unique Tezos governance process and make the future Tezos better!
There are two kinds of voting, proposal selection and election voting.
Proposal Selection
Election Voting
Determine the latest proposal ID by visiting your favorite block explorer such as TzStats or Tezos.ID.
You can upvote a proposal with the following command.
./tezos-client submit proposals for <baker account name> <proposal ID Hash>
#Example: ./tezos-client submit proposal for ledger_mybaker PsDELPH1Kxsxt8f9eWbxQeRxkjfbxoqM52jvs5Y5fBxWWh4ifpo
Your baker's upvote is weighted by the number of rolls you control. At least 5% of all rolls must upvote in order for a proposal to be promoted or also known as reaching quorum. After reaching quorum, a proposal moves on to the next phase of governance, the exploration vote.
Voting is available when an On-Chain election is two types of Vote Periods:
  • Exploration Vote Period
  • Promotion Vote Period
Determine the latest election by visiting your favorite block explorer such as TzStats or Tezos.ID.
Suppose there is a current election and you want to vote.
You need two pieces of information:
  • The current protocol hash identifier. Find it here.
  • Your vote decision which is either yay/nay/pass
The command to run is:
./tezos-client submit ballot for <baker account name> <protocol hash id> <yay/nay/pass>
#Example: ./tezos-client submit ballot for ledger_mybaker PsCARTHAGazKbHtnKfLzQg3kms52kSRpgnDY982a9oYsSXRLQEb yay

Test for ledger connectivity

If you are not sure your ledger is working properly, run the following and see if there is a valid response.
./tezos-client get ledger authorized path for ledger_mybaker

Claim your fundraiser/donation account

First, activate your account using the KYC code:
./tezos-client add address myaccount <tz1 public key hash from PDF>
./tezos-client activate fundraiser account myaccount with <activation key from verification site>
Verify the balance of your newly activated account.
./tezos-client get balance for myaccount
If you wish to send funds from your account, then you will need to import your private key. Keep this data confidential! Better yet, after importing, send the funds to a new account on a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano.
./tezos-client import fundraiser secret key myaccount
If you only want to activate your Tezos account and claim your tez from the fundraiser, a safe and easy way is to use:

Drinking from a Tezos Faucet

Want to test something and play with tezos on testnet without risking real coins?
Two ways:
Proceed with the following commands:
./tezos-client activate account myaccount with ./faucet.json
./tezos-client get balance for myaccount

Exporting and importing a snapshot

Handy if you're building another node and want to speed up the blockchain sync process.
Also useful for reclaiming disk space.
  1. 1.
    Run the export snapshot command
  2. 2.
    Stop the node
  3. 3.
    Rename ~/.tezos-node to ~/.tezos-node2
  4. 4.
    Run the import snapshot command
  5. 5.
    Copy *.json from ~/.tezos-node2 to ~/.tezos-node
  6. 6.
    Start the node
  7. 7.
    Confirm everything is working
  8. 8.
    Remove ~/.tezos-node2 to free up disk space.

Export command

./tezos-node snapshot export --block <block hash> mySnapshot.file

Import command

./tezos-node snapshot import mySnapshot.file

More help at the Official Documentation

Comprehensive and official Tezos documentation is always available here: