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Guide: How to stake TRX

1. Prerequisites

In order to stake, TRON must be stored on a local wallet, where you control the seed/private keys.

2. Download and use a compatible wallet

3. Stake your TRON

TRON rewards your participation in the governance process. This means when you vote for TRON Super Representatives (SR), you earn a share of their rewards.
For this example, we will demonstrate with Ledger Live wallet and Guarda Wallet.
Guarda Wallet
Ledger Live Wallet
1. Open Guarda Wallet
2. Find your Tron (TRX) account and click Staking
3. Click Deposit for Staking button
4. In the To field, choose your Validator
5. Enter the Deposit Amount
Staking to a TRON Validator
6. Click Next button 7. Review your staking details and then click the Confirm button to finish!
Reviewing your staking selection
1. Open Ledger Live wallet
2. Select your Tron account
3. Click Earn rewards button
In order to obtain votes, you need to freeze TRON. Once TRON coins are frozen, they require 3 days for thawing or unstaking.
4. Enter the amount to freeze
1 vote = 1 frozen TRON. You can choose up to 5 Super Reps.
5. Click Cast Votes button
6. Enter the # of votes for any Super Representatives you prefer
Research, compare, and discover details about your Super Representatives at or
8. After 24+ hours, click the Claim TRX button to receive your rewards or your SR might send rewards automatically to your account.

Video Tutorial

Now you're staking TRON and earning a portion of your Validator's rewards every 24 hours.