Guide: How to stake ICX

1. Prerequisites

ICX tokens stored on a local wallet. You control the seed/private keys.
Remember, it's best practice to always withdraw coins from an Exchange.

2. Install and use a compatible wallet

3. Vote with your stake

For this example, we will stake with Ledger Nano. Now plug in your Ledger, type the PIN code, open the Icon app.
ICONex is currently the easiest way to stake, vote, and claim rewards. It's also very safe because your coins never leave your control.
1. Open the ICONex wallet in your web browser.
2. Click on the ICONex Wallet logo in the top right. See below.
Location of ICONex Wallet in a Chrome browser
4. Click Connect to Ledger
ICONex Wallet Choices
5. Click Connect to Ledger
6. Click Vote on the account you wish to use.
Click Vote on your account you want to use.
7. Click My Status tab
8. Under Stake section, click Adjust button
9. Adjust the Amount to Stake with the - + buttons
10. Click Complete
11. Review and Confirm the transaction on your Ledger
12. Click Complete
13. Request for stake has completed. Click Close
Stake is a success.
14. Under Vote section, click Vote button
15. Add the P-Rep you would like to vote for with the + button
16. Notice the P-Rep is now added to your choices. Click their name. Adjust the amount of votes by using the - + buttonsor type the # of votes. See example below.
If you want to vote for multiple P-Reps, repeat steps 15 and 16.
16. Click Vote Button
17. Review and Confirm the transaction on your Ledger
18. Click Complete
19. Click Close. Vote Request complete.
When Voting is complete.

4. Claiming your Rewards

1. Under the I-Score section, click the Claim button
I-Score Section
2. Click Claim
3. Review then Confirm the transaction on your Ledger Nano
4. Click Complete
5. Request for Claim has been completed. Click Close
With your newly claimed ICX rewards, you can stake them,and then cast even more votes for more rewards.

5. Unstake ICX

If you need to free up some coins to transfer, you might need to unvote then unstake.
1. In the My Votes section of the wallet, decrease your votes to a P-Rep by how many coins you want to unstake. For example, if you want to unstake 1000 ICX, then subtract 1000 votes from a P-Rep.
2. Click Vote button to complete.
3. In the Stake section, click the - button to reduce your stake. See below.
Unstaking ICX
4. Click the Complete button to finish.
Unstaked ICX coins require 11 days before they are released and available for transfer. Plan ahead!