🥩Guide | How to setup a validator for Ethereum staking on mainnet

Using the gold standard of ETH staking, become a solo home staker. Help decentralize Ethereum, a proof-of-stake blockchain. Anyone with 32 ETH can join.

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🚀Option 1: Quickstart with EthPillar

  • Recommended for most users.

  • Deploys a systemd installation with minority clients Nimbus CL Nethermind EL and mevboost.

  • Supports automated node deployment for both validators and non-staking RPC nodes.

  • When EthPillar is deployed, operating your node becomes a breeze.

To install EthPillar, visit the quickstart page.

⛓️Option 2: Manual Installation

  • This guide aims to reduce the reliance on scripts in this section to make the learning process more straightforward and understandable.

  • This approach provides a detailed overview of the steps involved, ensuring stakers have a clear understanding of the process.

  • Great for advanced users comfortable with the CLI terminal who want full control and require customization of EL/CL combinations and their configurations.

  • Deploys a systemd installation with any EL/CL combination you choose.

  • After installation, use EthPillar to simplify maintenance of your node.

To install manually, continue with this guide.

🛡️ Built by home-stakers for home-stakers. 🙏

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