Guide: How to stake EOS

1. Prerequisites

EOS tokens stored on a local wallet. You control the seed/private keys.
Remember, it's best practice to always withdraw coins from an Exchange.

2. Delegate your stake

1. Open in your web browser:​ will be the quickest way to stake and is safe because your coins never leave your control.
2. For this example, we will delegate with Ledger Nano S/X. interface
3. Click on the Login button in the top right.
4. Select the type of wallet you have.
  • In this example, plug in your Ledger, type the PIN code, open the EOS app.
  • then in the browser, click Ledger S/X .
5. Click Vote tab
6. Click Proxies tab
Maximize your EOS token potential by finding the right proxy for you. has a handy listing.​ proxy comparison list
7. Enter your desired proxy's name
8. Click Proxy to ... button
9. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger
Congratulations. Rewards will start showing up every day. Check your rewards on the Account tab.

3. Monitoring your rewards proxy

To learn more about your proxy, use these amazing community created tools.
  • ​ - EOS block explorer built by EOS Cafe Block and HKEOS