How to fix the Mnemonic staking balance bug

​🛑 Am I affected?

Check if you created your stake / payment key pair on step 7 with the mnemonic method from Daedalus 2.0 before July 30, 2020.

Run the following to see if you're affected

wc -m payment.addr

If this returns 59 payment.addr, then continue reading. If this returns 104 payment.addr, you are not affected!

​🛠 What is the problem?

  • The balance towards your stake is not being counted because the script's default, payment.addr, is also known as the enterprise address.

  • By design, enterprise address balances are not counted as stake.

  • The public address found in base.addr should have been funded. In other words, base.addr should have been the real payment.addr.

​🤖 Verify that the problem exists

Check your stake balance by running the following query to find all your stake pool's delegators.

pool_id=$(cat stakepoolid.txt)
timeout -k 5 60 cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state ${NETWORK_IDENTIFIER} --out-file ledger-state.json
echo "Ledger state dumped, parsing data..."
non_myopic_delegators=$(jq -r -c ".esNonMyopic.snapNM._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" ledger-state.json)
snapshot_delegators=$(jq -r -c ".esSnapshots._pstakeSet._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" ledger-state.json)
lstate=$(jq -r -c ".esLState" ledger-state.json)
lstate_dstate=$(jq -r -c "._delegationState._dstate" <<< "${lstate}")
ledger_pool_state=$(jq -r -c '._delegationState._pstate._pParams."'"${pool_id}"'" // empty' <<< "${lstate}")
lstate_rewards=$(jq -r -c "._rewards" <<< "${lstate_dstate}")
lstate_utxo=$(jq -r -c "._utxoState._utxo" <<< "${lstate}")
lstate_delegators=$(jq -r -c "._delegations | .[] | select(.[1] == \"${pool_id}\") | .[0][\"key hash\"]" <<< "${lstate_dstate}")
delegators=$(echo "${non_myopic_delegators}" "${snapshot_delegators}" "${lstate_delegators}" | tr ' ' '\n' | sort -u)
echo "$(wc -w <<< "${delegators}") delegators found, gathering data for each:"
pledge="$(jq -c -r '.pledge // 0' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}" | tr '\n' ' ')"
owners="$(jq -c -r '.owners[] // empty' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}" | tr '\n' ' ')"
owner_nbr=$(jq -r '(.owners | length) // 0' <<< "${ledger_pool_state}")
for key in ${delegators}; do
stake=$(jq -r -c ".[] | select(.address | contains(\"${key}\")) | .amount" <<< "${lstate_utxo}" | awk 'BEGIN{total = 0} {total = total + $1} END{printf "%.0f", total}')
rewards=$(jq -r -c ".[] | select(.[0][\"key hash\"] == \"${key}\") | .[1]" <<< "${lstate_rewards}")
total_stake=$((total_stake + stake + reward))
echo "Delegator $((++delegator_nbr)) processed"
if echo "${owners}" | grep -q "${key}"; then
key="${key} (owner)"
total_pledged=$((total_pledged + stake + reward))
delegators_array+=( "hex_key" "${key}" "stake" "${stake}" "rewards" "${rewards})" )
echo total_stake $total_stake
echo total_pledged $total_pledged
echo delegator_nbr $delegator_nbr
printf '{"%s":"%s","%s":"%s","%s":"%s"},\n' "${delegators_array[@]}" | sed '$s/,$//'

If you see stake is 0 for the owner, then the issue exists.

Example output:

{"hex_key":"70f2... (owner)","stake":"0","rewards":"0)"},

​🧩 What is the fix?

1) Find your base.addr public address.

cat $NODE_HOME/extractedPoolKeys/base.addr

2) Open Daedalus wallet which is where your mnemonic was originally created from.

3) Send a small test amount to the base.addr public address.

4) Re-run the above query to check your delegator's balances. Your owner's stake balance should have increased.

5) Send the remaining balance to base.addr public address.

6) Re-run the above query to verify your stake is correctly counted.

7) Replace the old payment.addr with base.addr

cp extractedPoolKeys/base.addr payment.addr

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